Doleo Æternus

2004 - 2009 | Evolving Compositional Model

A series of prototypical works built on a specific chord structure.

Doleo Æternus was begun in 2004 with the development of a piece then called Anger. The work consisted of a series of chords and a concept for a process whereby the live performance would be sampled and fed back to us incessantly creating a vibrating rhythmic drone.

The chords created for Anger would go on to form the framework for most of my work until the creation of Apparitions of The Four Pillars. This process of refining and investigating these chords proved incredibly valuable in the development of the holistic self-contained system I would go on to develop.

Works in the constellation Doleo Æternus

Doleo Æternus

2004 - 2009 | Soloists, Drone Performers, and Rhythmic Performers (Any Variable Pitched Instruments) and Computer | 90 - 120 Minutes
World Premiere: Wild Project, New York, NY - November 21st, 2009

Doleo Æternus (Equal Tempered Version)

2004 - 2008 | Soloists, Drone Performers, and Rhythmic Performers (any instruments) and Computer | 55 Minutes
World Premiere: 3rd Annual International Society of Improvised Music Convention, Denver, CO - December 5th, 2008
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2008 | Seven Movement Suite for Piano in Altered Pythagorean Tuning | ca. 35 Minutes
World Premiere: Highways Performance Space, Los Angeles, CA - March 26th, 2010
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Separate Haven

2005 | Violin, Electronics, and Computer | 70 Minutes
World Premiere: The Dairy Center For The Arts with the dances by Kim Olson and Michelle Ellsworth, Boulder, CO - August 24th, 2006
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Aqua Madora

2005 - 2008 | Just Intonation Piano and Sine Wave Drones | 30 - 50 Minutes
World Premiere: Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art - June 5th, 2006
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Two Sides

2005 | 2 Voices, Electronics, and Computer | 10 Minutes
World Premiere: Boulder Fringe Festival Finale, Boulder Theatre, Boulder CO - August 27th, 2005
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ANGER – again we have been left to dream of glistening embers that endure

2004 | Piano, Voice, Guitar (Or Any Set of Instruments), Computer, and Films | 75 Minutes
World Premiere: 20 Greene, New York City - January 5th, 2007


2004 | Max/MSP and Pre-Recorded Sounds | 30 Minutes
World Premiere: CCMIX, Paris, France - July 24th, 2004
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