The Season Ahead

September 29th, 2010

September 29th, 2010

It's shaping up to be a pretty big season this year. A bunch of performances, some recordings, and the second annual Avant Music Festival.

Plus, I've started a mailing list, which you should join, I'll only email for new and exciting things.

So here's what's coming up.

On October 4th, my tape, Analog Apparitions, will be released by The Tapeworm. I spent the summer recording a ton of cassette layers with Drew Blumberg and Laine Rettmer of music for Just Intonation Toy Organs, Voice, and Sine Waves. I'm really proud of how it turned out, it's some deep, droning music. Much more info to come on this very soon.

On October 12th Avant Media is hosting a special Fundraiser and performance for the 2011 Avant Music Festival. I'll be performing with Drew Blumberg a version of my piece The Third Pillar with its Lowest Primes and Memories of The Second Pillar from Apparitions of The Four Pillars with video by Oscar Henriquez which is available on the limited edition version of Voices + Sine Waves. Tickets are on sale now for as low as $20

In late October we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to release a special limited edition of my major Just Intonation piano piece, Aqua Madora.

On December 9th I'll be performing The Third Analog Pillar with video by Oscar Henriquez in London alongside Philip Jeck, Zerocrop, and Cathi Unsworth as a part of The Tapeworm's Unleashed in The East night at Cafe OTO. Tickets are on sale now for just £6

Then in January, we're scheduling the release of Aqua Madora as a digital download and limited edition CD.

And finally, on February 11th I will open the 2011 Avant Music Festival with a new, world premiere, Apparitions of The Four Pillars with Their Lowest Additive Primes as limited to the 3rd, 7th, 9th, and 11th New Primes chosen Cyclically, The Toll of Premonition, The Memorial Connector over the Outlying Primal Abyss, and The Mid-Winter Ending with video by Oscar Henriquez and performed by Will Lang on trombone, me on Just Intonation Toy Organs, and The Apparitions String Ensemble. There will be a second performance on February 19th, and on February 12th, Will Lang and I will play John Cage's marvelous Two5. A limited number of deeply discounted five night passes will be available at the October 12th Fundraiser.

So that's what's in store in my world for this year. I hope you'll join my email list, follow me on twitter, and come to the fundraiser on October 12th, there will be free beer and food.

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