The Big February

February 9th, 2012

2012 Avant Music Festival
2012 Avant Music Festival | Designed by Oscar H Scott

February 9th, 2012

The Third Avant Music Festival

It's turning out to be a pretty intense February.

This week and next is the Third Annual Avant Music Festival and this year is gonna be big. On Friday, February 10th, at 1PM I'll be appearing on The New Canon with Olivia Giovetti in an episode called, appropriately, Cage Match. Then Friday night, the opening night of the 2012 Avant Music Festival, features the avant-premiere of my piece Circular Trance Surrounding The Second Pillar with The Highest Seventh Primal Cirrus, The Utmost Fundamental, and The Ekmeles Ending from Apparitions of The Four Pillars at 8PM, performed by the remarkable Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble - Tickets are available here

Saturday evening, (February 11th at 8PM) I'll be performing John Cage's Ryoanji, one of my all-time favorite Cage works, and Four3 as the live score to a Merce Cunningham dance film.

Sunday night (February 12th, 10PM), Will Lang and I will be appearing on WKCR's Live Constuctions to perform an excerpt of ...The Third Pillar... and discuss our process.

Then, Saturday February 18th (8PM) sees the World Premiere of my latest epic composition The Third Pillar in Primal Imperfect Palindrome with The Souvenir of The Second Pillar, The Floating Cirrus over the Pumping Slush, and The Highest Moving Chordal Motif from Apparitions of The Four Pillars performed by Will Lang, trombone. This three hour solo droning trombone experience also features some new video from Oscar Henriquez that is not to be missed.

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