It's been a big week

October 8th, 2009

Voices, Sine Waves, Avant Media, Doleo and more

On Tuesday I released my first album.

Voices + Sine Waves is a collection of my short works from the last 10 years. With a beautiful cover and minisite/booklet designed by Oscar Henriquez, and exquisite mastering by Mike Rugnetta and Bailey Math, It’s a package I’m extremely proud of. I’m so glad to be able to share my work with a larger audience, and I think these pieces provide a great intro to the work I’m doing.

Also on Tuesday, we launched the brand new Avant Media website. A monumental achievement for us, this new site represents a new direction, and a fresh start. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the site provides a much more in depth experience of the work that we do over there.

Of course, rehearsals have been progressing spectacularly for Doleo Æternus which is set to premiere in NYC on November 21st. Yesterday was the first rehearsal with our new guitarist, and it went spectacularly. I’m getting very excited about the wildly talented group of people we’ve put together for this concert. Plus we’ve just confirmed dates for our spring performance of Mémoire-en-Ciel in Los Angeles – those will be announced shortly.

Like I said,

A Big Week.

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