Celebrating John Cage at 100

August 1st, 2012

Cage, Unlocked Kickstarter Image
Cage, Unlocked Kickstarter Image | Designed by Oscar H Scott

August 1st, 2012

A new CD from Avant Media

Avant Media is planning to release a special Live CD of music by John Cage, recorded live during the 2012 Avant Music Festival. Featured on the album are Sonatas and Interludes, Concert for Piano and Orchestra, and Ryoanji. We are raising funds for this album through Kickstarter, and your pledge would help make this disc a reality.

I'm particularly proud of the recording of Ryoanji featuring William Lang on Trombone and Megan Schubert singing. I played percussion, and it was a phenomenal performance.

The album is schedule to be released on John Cage's 100th birthday, September 5th. Please consider backing this project and reserve one of the limited edition CDs.

Additionally, videos of the performances of Circular Trance... by the excellent ensemble Ekmeles and The Third Pillar... by the masterful William Lang have been uploaded to Vimeo, please take a look and listen.

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