Rational Wedges

2017 | object

pure indigo and other pigments, paints, graphite, chalk, mdf, linen, aluminum

Presentation History
Dia Staff Show 2018 | Beacon, NY : February 3 - 19, 2018
Rational Time: Opening Reception | New York City : September 10th, 2017
Rational Time | New York City : September 6 - 24, 2017

This series of paintings uses richly pigmented paints and a systemized approach to present spatial realizations of numerical relationships from The Four Pillars.

The sparing use of the pure blue indigo and other historic blue pigments references the video works and brings the element of time to the work, as your eyes begin to pick up the subtle color differences of the various fields of the painting. In refining this series, the focus has drawn more and more toward subtle tonal and textural variations within the visible field, as well as a marked fascination with the edge of the work itself and how it relates to the wall and other works.

Recent explorations of this series have begun adding physical markers of the time of the works' making and have expanded the universe of work to three general areas which are determined using chance operations, namely: acrylic gesso and pure indigo on shaped panels, oil or acrylics on linen, and oil on aluminum.

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