Rational Folds

2017 | object

gesso, pure indigo, oil stick on folded and suspended Arches hot press paper, deckled edge, organically curled

Presentation History
Rational Time | New York City : September 6 - 24, 2017

In considering the various ways in which the numerical relationships of The Four Pillars could be expressed in the physical world, the idea of folding paper to articulate these relationships became very compelling.

These works apply paint (black gesso tinted with pure indigo crystals) to the entire surface of a folded piece of paper - cut so as to represent a ratio of The Four Pillars - and folded in such a way to delineate a single numerical relationship from the same in four quadrants. A single of those quadrants is then further marked with oil stick.

The entire work is hung and allowed to curl naturally, complicating the spatial relationships inherent in the composition.

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