Doleo Æternus

| soloists, drone performers, and rhythmic performers (any variable pitched instruments) and computer | 90-120 Minutes

Doleo ÆternusRandy Gibson
with video sculpture by Oscar H. Scott

World Premiere:Wild Project, New York, NY - November 21st, 2009
Premiered by: Randy Gibson, Piano, Just Intonation Toy Organs, Voice
Drew Blumberg and Cleek Schrey, Violins
Megan Schubert, Voice, Just Intonation Toy Organ
Laine Rettmer, Voice
Annie Lyle, Bassoon
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Guitar
Matt Beckemeyer, Just Intonation Toy Organ

Presentation History
Doleo Æternus | New York City : November 21st, 2009

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